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Nicholas Thimmesch serves pro bono as the Global Media and Communications Officer for IMTD. Nicholas served previously as an Executive Assistant to IMTD’s Founder and then CEO, Ambassador McDonald, until his retirement. Nicholas rejoined IMTD, coordinating media and communications as well its office management. Nicholas is the son of the late Los Angeles Times Syndicate columnist, journalist Nick Thimmesch, and was born in Iowa City, Iowa, where his father studied and taught English and Journalism at the University of Iowa. Raised in New York and Washington, where his father worked as a journalist, he attended private school in Washington, and continued his education at Montgomery College and West Virginia University, graduating with degrees in Criminal Justice and Social Work respectively. His professional background includes extensive writing, research and communications experience with public and private organizations. With a political appointment to the White House as a staff writer, he drafted responses for correspondence to the President and the Chief of Staff regarding public policy issues. Additional responsibilities included research and preparation of special messages from the President for public and private service organizations. He continued his national political experience serving as a communications and media consultant to four national political conventions coordinating media and advance efforts, serving as media and research director for an independent presidential committee and as a communications and staff writer for two presidential campaigns. As an independent consultant, he has directed media and research for U.S. Senate and Congressional campaigns as well as other projects impacting public policy. He served as Press Secretary to a high-profile U.S. Representative serving on the House Budget, Commerce and Science Committees and as an independent media and communications consultant to numerous political, public policy, non-profit and business organizations. 







OFFICE: (703)528-3863

CELL: (202)549-4237

E-MAIL: nick.thimmesch@gmail.com

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholasthimmesch/

WEB SITE: www.imtd.org