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The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy offers mediation referral services that are available to individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses in the DC Region. IMTD’s Mediation referral services offer several highly-qualified mediators with expertise in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury mediation

  • Insurance contract mediation

  • Domestic and International business contract mediation

  • Professional partnership dissolution

  • Victim-offender mediation

  • Church mediation

  • Landlord-Tenant mediation

  • Benefits of Mediation

  • Small claims

  • Parenting claims

  • Child Protection

  • Community Mediation

  • Employment

Mediation allows people to work out disputes instead of litigation or arbitration. One can schedule mediation when it is convenient and has the freedom to end the mediation at any point. Mediation allows one to address the issues that are important and gives parties the opportunity to develop an agreement that meets his or her needs.


To schedule a mediation, or to obtain more information about our mediation referral services, please contact Karen Dickman at

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