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Multi-Track Diplomacy is a conceptual way to view the process of international peacemaking as a living system. It looks at the web of interconnected activities, individuals, institutions, and communities that operate together for a common goal: a world at peace.


The mission of IMTD is to promote a systems-based approach to peacebuilding and to facilitate the transformation of deeply-rooted social conflict. The Institute is based in Arlington, VA, and has more than 1300 members in 31 countries. IMTD is supported by a wide range of key personnel, associates and interns. Since IMTD first opened its doors, it has articulated and committed to a set of twelve principles for its work.


IMTD uses a holistic and participatory approach to assess the key variables in deep-rooted conflicts and post-conflict settings. The Institute is focused on identifying and understanding the causes of conflict within a nation. IMTD promotes the breaking down of stereotypes and other barriers to peace by providing conflicting groups with the following skills:

1. Transforming the view/perception of the adversary

2. Developing mutual understanding between conflicting parties

3. Building trust between adversaries

4. Reconciling past grievances

5. Negotiation

6. Creating cultural awareness

High Fives

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