The staff's daily work is conducted at our Arlington office by our Program Managers under the guidance of our CEO Ambassador McDonald and Executive Director Karen Dickman.

John W. McDonald, Ambassador (Ret.) - Chairman and CEO

Ambassador John W. McDonald is a lawyer, diplomat, former international civil servant, development expert and peacebuilder, concerned about world social, economic and ethnic problems. He spent twenty years of his career in Western Europe and the Middle East and worked for sixteen years on United Nations economic and social affairs. Read more...

Dr. Brian Polkinghorn - President

For the past 15 years, Dr. Polkinghorn has taught more than 35 different courses in conflict resolution in a range of areas including international and environmental conflict processes, theories and methods. He has also practiced, trained and conducted conflict research in more than 30 countries taking part in protracted, highly complex and sensitive international disputes. Dr. Polkinghorn has published more than 30 articles and book chapters on applied conflict intervention research in top-tiered journals such as International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory and Practice and The International Journal of Conflict Management.

Dr. Eileen R. Borris, Ed.D. - Director of Training

Dr. Borris is a clinical and political psychologist working in the field of international conflict resolution and reconciliation especially with emerging democracies. Her focus is on bringing ethnic and regional groups in conflict together within the framework of multi-track diplomacy and incorporating forgiveness and reconciliation processes within the broader context of conflict resolution.

Karen Dickman - Executive Director

Reverend Karen Dickman is a mediator/conflict professional with extensive restorative justice experience working with people with AIDS, mental illnesses, ex-offenders, victims of violent crimes, and in jails and prisons. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities on topics related to religion and/or restorative justice. Within IMTD she manages the Water Program, promoting the Water for the World Act and access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities in developing regions around the world. She also crosses into projects related to women and forgiveness movements. Educationally she has a BA in Criminal Justice and graduate studies in Criminal Justice, Religious Studies, and International Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Elliot Talbert-Goldstein - Communications Manager

Elliot joins IMTD with communications experience in a variety of industries. He has been working independently with clients since 2009, focusing his efforts on nonprofits and small businesses. His dedication to the work of NGOs has led him to continue to provide communication solutions to socially-focused organizations of all types. His background is in digital media and will focus on the online presence of the organization and its projects in addition to coordinating traditional marketing campaigns. He is currently managing the communications efforts of multiple projects at IMTD, including the Professional Development Program and Mediation Services. Elliot holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Media from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.


Dr. Hilda Dunkwu is the Managing Editor of Conflict Perspectives. She has a Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution from Nova Southeastern University.She is also an attorney, trainer and mediator.She has provided conflict resolution training and mediation services to individuals, organizations and communities since 2008.

Vikas Vohra - Program Officer, India-Pakistan

Vikas Vohra is the Program Manager of the Kartarpur Peace project between India and Pakistan. He completed his Executive Masters of International Service (MIS) degree from American University, Washington D.C in December 2013. Vikas pushed the peace project by taking up the case for the project's approval with the Prime Ministers', Cabinet Ministers and Associates from both the countries. He also approached the State Department, diplomatic community, Sikh community, diaspora and media for funding and support for the project. He also assisted the Ambassador in taking Conflict Resolution lectures in National Defense University (NDU), Washington D.C. He, along with Ambassador John McDonald, also collaborated with Sandia Laboratories on the Siachen Glacier project (Environmental) between India and Pakistan.

Dr. Mary (Regina) Vayaliparampil - Program Manager, Nepal

Regina is involved in designing projects that help sustain peace in Nepal through the involvement of the various stakeholders of Nepalese society. Training in Nonpartisan Reporting, Teachers for Nepal and Employment Opportunities Development are some of the projects being developed by me for Nepal. Mary is has a dual-title PhD in education policy and international education at Pennsylvania State University. Her dissertation is on "Stakeholder Perceptions of the Education for All Campaign Effectiveness in Increasing School Enrollment in India". During this period she has also had the opportunity to intern with UNICEF and examine the School Water and Sanitation towards Health and Hygiene intervention in Jharkhand, India. Prior to moving to the US she worked as a Math and Science teacher, English language tutor and program coordinator in the United Arab Emirates and India. Regina has also completed graduate studies in Educational Leadership from the University of Oregon and has an undergraduate degree in Physics from Goa University, India.

Enole Adepoyi - Program Manager, Nigeria

Enole Adapoyi is a graduate of the University Maryland University College with a Masters of Science in Homeland Security and a candidate for the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University (SCAR). Her program the peace initiate is a transformational collaboration for development in the Niger delta that works with NGOs to promote proletarian participation. This collaboration is to solicit for corporate social responsibility involving women facilitators in an approach to seek the alliance and involvement of companies and governmental agencies. She is also working on interfaith dialogues in the northern part of Nigeria to educate on the demerits of terrorism and displacement.

ADAM ZEMANS -  Program Director & Legal Advisor  

Adam Zemans, J.D., M.S.W., M.A. Esq., is the Program Director and Legal Advisor at The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD). Adam leads a Peacebuilding Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Clinic initiative and a Best Field Practices Team. He coaches and coordinates the work of program managers and officers. Additionally, Adam provides legal advisory opinions related to general matters delegated by the Executive team. Previously, as Program Manager, Mediation & International Family Conflict Resolution, Adam launched an international child abduction conflict resolution advocacy and education program focused on the U.S. Senate and led a Track-II Hague Abduction Convention-related initiative. Adam remains interested in legal instruments such as the U.N. Convention on Rights of the Child; 18 USC Section 1204; and The International Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act of 2014. Adam holds a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center; M.S.W. from University of Southern California; M.A. in Sociology, York University, Toronto, Canada; and B.A. from Oberlin College, where he graduated as a Harry S. Truman Scholar (NY) and member of the Phi Beta Kappa national honor society. He has 8 years of advocacy and NGO experience in Latin America and is the author of two articles on climate change diplomacy. His scholarly interests center around U.S. Smart Power leadership, cooperation, dialogue and conflict management spanning a variety of disciplines and levels of analysis. Methodologically, he applies social work theories to multi-track diplomacy and helps strengthen its evidence base through mixed methods research.

Since 1992 we have had 285 staff and interns from 68 countries.